C2C competition at HCU

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Invited by Cradle to Cradle e.V. –the registered association to support the C2C mission– BFGF’s Eric Pfromm and Alex Volkmer (also a member of said Verein) acted as part of a jury at Hafen City University (HCU) Hamburg. In an internal impromptu competition of Matthias Kulcke’s course “Konstruktion I” the HCU post grad students of architecture presented nineteen designs for a C2C-stand to be used by the Verein. Co-jurors were Prof. Wolfgang Wilkomm, Klaas Oostlander and Lukas Haack. The prizes were presented by Jessica Weber of the Cradle to Cradle e.V.

Awarded were the entries by: 1. Sofia Nembrini und Eva Seyfried, 2. Amrita Burmeister und Maria Fritzenschaft (shown in the picture of the ceremony), 3. Saskia Okuniek und Henriette Helk – Honorary Mention: Arseny Lebedev.

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